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Are my personal details including credit card details kept on file by 3 Wise Men?

Your credit card details are not kept by 3 Wise Men nor are they visable to 3 Wise Men. The transaction is conducted by egate and DPS; which are third party payment gateway operated by the ANZ in Australia and New Zealand. Your personal details including shirt size, purchase history email address, delivery address and phone numbers are kept on file so we can contact you if required. If you want us to know anything else about you, like your favourite beer, or whether you’re a salt and vinegar or ready salted chips guy, feel free to tell us although we won’t use that information unless you want us to.

At 3 Wise Men, we are all shirtnuts. In fact we are nuts about all mensgear and would love to share some of little nuggets and gems of information with you. If you want to know what to wear with what, how to wear it, where to buy it and how much to pay for it all then register here. In return, we will endeavour to send you stuff that hits the spot. If we miss the spot then you can ditch us any time you like. Go on - give us a burn.

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