No1. Solomon Marshall
No1. Solomon Marshall
Solomon Marshall
Good With Wood Too

We shine a light on some of Aotearoa's best and brightest.
They shine a light on their favourite 3 Wise Men Clothing.

Shake blacksmith Solomon Marshall’s hand and you’ll feel it all right. His forearms are like trees and his grip is something quite literally to behold.

Stands to reason given he spends his days going hammers and tongs at 1200°C steel, quite literally with hammers and tongs he’s actually made himself. “Honestly, smashing hot steel never gets old,” laughs Solomon, 29.

Visit his ultimate-man cave Auckland workshop and you’ll find stunning hand-forged treasures for sale that are sure to become instant family heirlooms. “There are always lots of chef’s knives, pans, axes, and hammers, half-finished carving projects, wood in the freezer (pro-tip, it keeps moisture in so it's easier to carve) – you know, just blacksmith stuff.”

“Like everything I make, I love my clothes simple, well-made, built to last & with the perfect balance of function & style."

But he’s equally keen to share his passion, offering a range of classes where anyone can try their hand at the art of blacksmithing. “It’s amazing watching people when they make something beautifully functional with their own hands. It speaks to a primal need we humans have to make tools,” Solomon reckons. (Check out Beautifully functional is also why Solomon loves 3 Wise Men’s huge range of men’s gear.

“I need clothes that blur the line between work and play, especially when running classes. The versatility of 3 Wise Men’s Chore Overshirt, $130 / included in the 3 for $300 bundle ,the feel of my washed selvedge jeans $130 / included in the 3 for $300 bundle and even having non-slip rubber soles on my leather brogue boots $230 / 2 shoes or boots for $300 totally works for me," he says.

Solomon always knew he was going to work with his hands. Growing up he shot a few arrows at leather tanning, drumming, pottery, winemaking, barrel-making, pizza-oven making – “That was a fail – it blew up” – and, yep, even bow and arrow making. But the tools needed were expensive, highly specialised and often unavailable.

A chance YouTube viewing of an English blacksmith was the real lightbulb moment.

This guy said, “When I need a tool I just make it myself”. Solomon’s never looked back since. His work/life philosophy? Don’t stress, do your best, have fun and keep things simple. “All I really need is tireless grip strength and pairs of tongs, I've got plenty of those!”

Well said, that man.

Solomon in his workshop located in Mt Albert, Auckland

Solomon's personally crafted tools