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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

FAQS for 3 Wise Men New Zealand

As a 3 Wise Men customer you will naturally possess style, wit and intelligence in spades. Quite apart from knowing the quality and value that a 3 Wise Men shirt provides, you will, without too much trouble be also able to list the 1987 World Cup winning team, know that the DC part of Washington DC stands for District of Colombia and be able to whip up a decent Spag bol. However in the unlikely event that you do need to know a thing or two about buying our shirts online we’ve put together this handy little Frequency Asked Questions, Question and Answer sheet where we’ve come up with the Questions and the Answers. Brilliant!

Is the transaction safe from hackers/fraudsters?

Payments are processed by ANZ eGate secure payment gateway using industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128 bit encryption. That’s industry speak for pretty much unbreakable. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a method of encryption used to secure traffic between web browsers and servers. SSL encrypted traffic is unable to be intercepted by third parties between the client and the server, a private channel is created. Credit card details used in online transactions are not stored or accessed in any way by 3 Wise Men.

Are my personal details including credit card details kept on file by 3 Wise Men?

Your credit card details are not kept by 3 Wise Men nor are they visable to 3 Wise Men. The transaction is conducted by “egate and DPS” which are third party payment gateway operated by the ANZ in Australia and New Zealand. Your personal details including shirt size, purchase history email address, delivery address and phone numbers are kept on file so we can contact you if required. If you want us to know anything else about you, like your favourite beer, or whether you’re a salt and vinegar or ready salted chips guy, feel free to tell us although we won’t use that information unless you want us to.

Is my full order guaranteed to be fulfilled?

From time to time a shirt style may sell out before your online purchase is processed. If this does occur we will contact you and suggest an alternative or simply remove that item from your order and charge your credit card accordingly.

How Long Does My Order Take to Get Processed?

We try and pick and process your orders on the day it is received, however from time to time we will need to fulfil your order from our bulk storage warehouse, which is like an underground lair. If this is required your order may take up to 3 working days to pick prior to it being dispatched.

How Long Does My Order Take to Get Delivered?

All NZ orders are dispatched from Auckland via Castle Parcels and should be delivered to your address within 2-3 working days after the order is processed. Rural delivery addresses may take a little longer. Please note we cannot deliver to a PO Box address in NZ mostly because we are not allowed to but also because they are usually quite small and we don’t want to crease your lovely new shirts.
International orders are sent via DHL unless requested otherwise. Please email - to arrange different international delivery. If this is requested, there may be additional courier charges.
When your order is processed and dispatched we will advise via email the date it left Auckland and a tracking number that can be watched via the Castle Parcels or DHL website although we’ve done that and it’s not exactly riveting viewing.

What say I do not like my shirt or it does not fit?

It happens. We will gladly replace the shirt for something similar or issue you a credit note to use at another time. If all else fails we will refund your purchase.
Should this happen please contact us via email - or phone 0800 3WISEMEN to arrange return of the order or item and delivery of an alternative. For stress free returns it probably pays not to eat nachos when you are trying on your 3 wise men shirt for the first time, unless you wear one of those thick paper bibs that you get at the dentists.

Can I buy online using a Gift Voucher?

At this stage our website does not have the smarts to accept a gift voucher as a method of payment however we will gladly send you the required shirts on receipt of the voucher. Please email - or phone 0800 3WISEMEN to organise.

How often is new stock put on the website?

We are always adding new styles to the website. It pays to check every week as we add new stock all the time. If you follow our bargain section ($60 shirts), we also load new stock to that section every week or so.

Can I Purchase Bargain Shirts in your Stores?

No. All our bargain shirts are kept in a warehouse and are not accessible to our retail stores. Only the Three Wise Men know where this warehouse is and they never travel on the same plane together, so really if you want bargain shirts, it’s best to go online.

Can I exchange a Shirt at a Different Store than it was originally purchased?

Yes of course. Exchanges are accepted at any time in any store provided you are exchanging the shirt in the same country in which it was originally purchased. So there you have it. Now if you have any other questions, they’ll obviously be pretty good ones seeing as we’ve pretty much covered everything off here, so we’d be keen to hear from you.


At 3 Wise Men, we are all shirtnuts. In fact we are nuts about all mensgear and would love to share some of little nuggets and gems of information with you. If you want to know what to wear with what, how to wear it, where to buy it and how much to pay for it all then register here. In return, we will endeavour to send you stuff that hits the spot. If we miss the spot then you can ditch us any time you like. Go on - give us a burn.

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