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Good things happen in 3
You've got enough hard decisions to make this week, so here's an easy one to make. This week's weekly steal. Grab the Lexington or Malulani shirts, the Commando Suit or the Ozzy Boot. Job done!
The Lexington  The Lexington

Regular Price: $120

Special Price $80

The Commando The Commando

Regular Price: $700

Special Price $399

The Ozzy The Ozzy

Regular Price: $230

Special Price $150

A bit of a yarn

One day in 2004, 3 of us – all mates – were having a general chat about life, as you do, and we got to the topic of shirts here in New Zealand. All three of us had lived overseas where selection, price and the ability to buy online meant that shirt shopping was actually a pleasure.

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The Nugget

The Inside Rub on What’s Good

  • April 2020

    No. 44 Scotty Morrison

    Broadcaster Scotty Morrison (Ngāti Whakaue) is passionate about te reo. In fact the only thing he’s probably more passionate about (apart from his family of course) is his beloved home town, Roto-Vegas. Mind you, Rotorua may as well have been the entertainment capital Las Vegas, given he grew up there with his famous rellies; entertainer Sir Howard Morrison and actor Temuera Morrison.

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    No. 44 Scott Morrison
  • March 2020

    No. 43 Dave Gibson

    Dave Gibson is never happier than when on a boat fishing for snapper - even in big seas. Well, after navigating the turbulent waters of global investment banking for over 20 years, a bit of rough out on the briny is no big thing. Working on big deals taught him some top-notch business skills. It also taught him the importance of having fun.

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    No. 43 DaveGibson
  • February 2020

    No. 42 Boarding Pass

    For the month of February, simply show us your New Zealand Domestic boarding pass in store, and we’ll apply your seat number as the percentage off your purchase. Flying down the back has never been better.

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    No. 42 BoardingPass
  • January 2020

    No. 41 Victor Carter

    For a good part of the 15 years that we’ve been around we’ve been featuring ads about good buggers in these pages. All have been expertly photographed by one man. This man: Victor Carter or VC as we call him. So, we thought we’d turn the camera ‘round and focus the lens and the pens on him – one of our original good buggers.....

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    No. 41 Victor
  • December 2019

    No. 40 Tim Allen

    UBCO electric bike company Chief Executive Tim Allan feels at home in the outdoors. No surprise having spent his first 10 years growing up in South Africa around wildlife parks. His favourite memory? Seeing a full-size hippo running at pace and doing a mean ‘Manu’ bomb off a 15 foot cliff into the water below. Tim reckons you haven’t seen anything until you see a hippo laughing....

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    No. 40 Tim
  • October 2019

    No. 39 David Caldwell

    Everyone knows the saying, “Do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Less known is that mad keen sports lover David Caldwell probably wrote it. He’s general manager of All Blacks Tours, the official travel partner of NZ Rugby. Great footy, great company and everything taken care of sounds pretty awesome. And it clearly is...

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    No. 39 David
  • September 2019

    No. 38 John Shepherd

    The term Renaissance Man refers to a man or woman having an interest in a great many things. It heroes the great polymaths of the Renaissance including Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, and it’s also a pretty apt description for John Shepherd. John however, humbly describes himself “more accurately as a creative director, nosy parker and failed inventor”...

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    No. 38 John
  • August 2019

    No. 37 Murray Thom

    It’s not often we say this but please do not read another word. Instead, skip to Question 13 and you’ll get an instant idea of Murray Thom. You’d also include words like bright, breezy and eternally optimistic. He’d probably add a few more himself given how much he loves a chin-wag, frequently at four-minute-mile pace. And by the looks of his daily journals he’s pictured with here, he writes at a similar speed. Mind you with a life lived as big as his, it’s no wonder he’s filled a few volumes. He’s currently editing them into a book with the brilliant title of Eat Drink & Be Murray...

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    No. 37 Murray
  • July 2019

    No. 36 Ash Whitaker

    Cardrona Distillery co-owner, Ash Whitaker’s business card reads simply: “Guardian of the Source”. This Tolkien-like statement says a couple of things. Firstly that Ash holds great reverence for the process of making his artisan Source gin. Secondly that he’s not afraid to have a giggle, “the Source” being his play on “the sauce”- the colloquial Kiwi way of describing alcohol...

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    No. 36 Ash
  • June 2019

    No. 34 Gareth Stewart

    Chances are, if you’ve eaten an amazing meal around Auckland in the last few years, it’s probably had Gareth Stewart’s magic hands attached to it. He’s Executive Chef at the Nourish Group which owns 14 iconic NZ eateries, including Euro Bar and Restaurant and Jervois Steak House. It’s a fitting position for a guy who’s logged over 23 years in some of the world’s finest restaurants, serving everyone from the Queen of Spain to Gordon Ramsey (“cleared his plate, didn’t complain”), before his move to NZ. ...

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    No. 33 Wayne
  • May 2019

    No. 33 Ben Skeen

    Not many people love footy as much as Ben Skeen - international TMO and assistant coach of Auckland Grammar XV, where he is also the Associate Headmaster. No surprise really, given his grandfather Jack was a long time Auckland Rugby stalwart and on-time All Black. Mind you Ben reckons he drew the family short straw in the skill department, with his playing career "peaking at the age of 13"...

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    No. 33 Wayne
  • April 2019

    No. 32 Wayne Maguire

    At 3 Wise Men we believe that you only get out of life, what you put into it. Well, that statement could have been written by the indefatigable, irrepressible Wayne Maguire - real estate guru and auctioneer. Wayne lives each day as though it’s his last. Probably due to the fact that he spent ten years in an army specialist parachuting unit, where every day potentially could have been just that...

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    No. 33 Wayne
  • March 2019

    No. 32 Brandon Lela'ulu

    For those of you enjoying your middle-age, the American sitcom “Cheers” which ran from 1982 to 1993 will be well known. The theme song memorably sang of a bar where “everybody knows your name”. These days however, it’s another ‘80s classic that undeniably deserves that mantle: Ponsonby, Auckland restaurant Prego...

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    No. 32 Brandon
  • February 2019

    No. 31 Tim Lightbourne

    Meet Tim Lightbourne. Chances are you know his wine company, Invivo. The wines are pretty tasty, having won over 150 medals and trophies. And they’re pretty famous too - thanks to their partnership with talk show host Graham Norton...

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    No. 31 Tim
  • January 2019

    No. 30 JP Tobin

    Fair to say JP Tobin loves to go fast. Whether booting around on his super cool Rayvolt electric bike (for which he acts as the NZ importer), ripping on his windsurfer and surfboard, gliding on a paddleboard downwind run, or smashing a mountain bike track, you can't hold him back...

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    No. 26 JP
  • November 2018

    No. 28 Turn your boarding pass into something awesome.

    For the month of November, simply show us your New Zealand Domestic boarding pass in store, and we'll apply your seat number as the percentage off your purchase. Flying down the back has never been better.

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    No. 26 Hamish
  • October 2018

    No. 27 Hamish Pinkham

    15 years ago Rhythm & Vines Co-Founder, Director, Hamish Pinkham sat with his newly-minted law degree thinking he had some really important life decisions to make. Like what the hell was he going to do for New Years?!

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    No. 26 Hamish
  • September 2018

    No. 26 Garth Oakden

    Meet river-rafting guide and fish whisper Garth Oakden. Some say he's got gills in his neck, such as his knowledge of fish behaviour. It all started growing up in the Manawatu on the land. With an older brother he realised these probably wasn't going to be a lot of room for him on he family farm.

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    No. 26 Garth
  • August 2018

    No. 25 Dustin “Dusty” Watts

    VIP protection professional, Dustin “Dusty” Watts is a top man to know when you need looking after. No surprise given he stands 6 foot 4 and is as fit as a fiddle. And no surprise either that he played footy to a pretty serious standard, making the New Zealand Under 21 team, the Hurricanes squad and the Central Vikings - whose jerseys many still believe hold the dubious honour of being the greatest fashion disaster in NZ Rugby.

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    No. 25 Dustin
  • July 2018

    No. 24 John Ambler

    Whether flying helicopters as the owner of premium tour company Heletranz; sailing a boat, or driving a tractor, John Ambler is in his element in the elements. No wonder he couldn’t wait to get back to New Zealand after 22 years living in Hong Kong piloting jumbos - with the occasional hand-cuffing of passengers to stop them smoking inflight thrown in for good measure.

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    No. 24 John Ambler
  • June 2018

    No. 22 Josh Scott

    Josh Scott is not a man who likes to stand still, preferring to keep rolling through life and enjoying every last drop of it. Makes sense really, as both a certified winemaker (part of the famous Allen Scott wine family) and founder of the Moa Brewing Company - not to mention New Zealand's first Cicerone (Master of Beer)...

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    No. 23 Josh Scott
  • May 2018

    No. 22 Paul Pritchard

    Paul Pritchard's pretty good at keeping balls in the air. Well he needs to be as head of the digital agency. Overdose where he applies creative and critical thinking to e-commerce. But after work you won't find Paul on the couch. He thrives on being a dad and putting everything into that job too..

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    No. 22 Paul Pritchard
  • April 2018

    No. 21 Scott Brown

    As a young boy growing up in Wellington, Scott Brown always wanted to be a soldier, so enlisted as soon as he could and ended up training as a chef. These days he's still serving his country in a different way with active duty making some of the best fish and chips in the land at his brilliantly named Fishsmith joint in Auckland...

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    No. 21 Scott Brown
  • March 2018

    No. 20 Josh Lancaster

    Hawkes bay domiciled artist, Josh Lancaster's creativity was evident pretty early on. He remembers winning a kid's cow drawing competition in 1981, after spending hours practising not just the perfect form of the teat, but also the anatomically correct number of them as well...

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    No. 20 Josh Lancaster
  • February 2018

    No. 19 Andrew Kelleher

    Investment advisor Andrew Kelleher has a goal this summer. His office overlooks stunning Takapuna Beach on Auckland’s North Shore, with his house a few bays up the coast. A newly purchased paddleboard will soon be used for the morning commute to work. Andrew reckons that’s when you know you’ve made it...

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    No. 18 Brendon Pongia
  • January 2018

    No. 18 Brendon Pongia

    With a potent mixture of Maori, Scottish and Irish blood, and being 1 of 53 grandchildren. Brendon Pongia was always going to lead a colourful life...

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    No. 18 Brendon Pongia
  • October 2017

    No. 15 Angus Swainson

    Metservice guy Angus Swainson has always looked to the sky. Whether praying for his beloved Tottenham Hotspur to win the English Premier League (obviously not hard enough), or a childhood dream come true as a recreational pilot, there's a lot about the 'big blue' that he likes...

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    No. 18 Brendon Pongia

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