No2. Dan Benoy
No2. Dan Benoy
Dan Benoy
Clean Collective

We shine a light on some of Aotearoa's best and brightest.
They shine a light on their favourite 3 Wise Men Clothing.

You're young, you've banked a degree, and 20k savings and you're about to go live it up on your OE. Or you can give all that up on a hunch you've had to start a new business you know nothing about.

That's the situation partners Dan Benoy and Holly McGrath found themselves in six years ago. And one they haven't for a moment regretted as they've created a burgeoning beverage business, Clean Collective.

Being fond of a good night out, they had noticed that the only RTDs you could buy at the time were loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. "Clean Collective was born from fulfilling a need we ourselves had by creating a healthy no sugar, no carb, natural RTD," Dan says. "Plus, all the RTDs on the shelves were old heritage brands, the ones I used to make awful mixes with from dad's liquor cabinet before topping them up with water so he wouldn't notice," he laughs.

"I love 3 Wise Men gear for its versatility, especially the velvet blazers and chinos which pretty much go with anything."

Holly takes care of all the brand and marketing stuff. "She's from a fashion background and brings an incredible aesthetic and attitude to the brand." Dan meanwhile is Mr. Operations. "On any day I'll be talking to the team in the factory, then suppliers out and about, before meeting with investors at a board level."

"I love 3 Wise Men gear which looks great in all these environments." The 3 Wise Men Curio Cuffed Chinos, $130 / included in the 3 for $300 bundle are the perfect choice and pair perfectly with the Washington Pink Check Shirt $130 / included in the 3 for $300 bundle and the Gibbons Monk shoe $230 / 2 shoes or boots for $333 ties the whole outfit together.

And how's business? "It's been immensely challenging and there are always lots of squeaky bum moments, but you've just got to go for it."

A highlight was winning a three-year Rhythm & Vines music festival contract in 2018. "We grabbed all our mates, gave out 4000 branded bucket hats and festival bags, and lived the event 100%. There's nothing more satisfying than standing in a field covered in our cans after the event. Until we had to pick them up of course!"

Outside of work Dan loves to stay fit so he can indulge in his favourite pizza smothered in BBQ sauce. No judgement, mate.

"Having a good smash out at the gym on the way home is the best thinking time. Plus, it means Holly and I don't talk about work when we get home."

It's a busy life so holidays have been as rare as hen's teeth, but a trip to Bali later in the year beckons. And the big OE? "Europe will always be there, but opportunities like this might not be."

Spoken like a true Illuminator.